Vetted Shop

Vetted Shop

Late last eve marked the launch of Vetted by graphic designer Antonio Carusone of AisleOne fame (he also designed the 39 Longboard previously featured on Needs/Wants). The shop features a great selection of hard to find designer magazines, creative tools, and more. All products are ‘hand-picked for their superb level of design, function, style, craft and content’ and we like it like that. Check ‘em out.

You can use discount code SHOPIFY70URPTIW for 15% off!


Johnnie Walker – Black Label

Johnnie Walker is the most distributed scotch whiskey in the world for the last 40 years—and the Black Label (aged 12 years) is a big part of that. A blend of 40 crafted whiskeys melded together in a single scotch that will not break your wallet, but will certainly wet your palette.


Put This On

Not everyone was born with a taste for fashion. For those of us with a thing or two to learn, there’s Put This On, a webseries about dressing like a grownup. Put This On’s video series are an excellent introduction to dressing well every day. Don’t know much about jeans? They’ve got you covered. Shoes? Yep, episode two. With a great blog to boot, Put This On is a great resource for learning how to dress as good as you design.


Visual Acoustics Documentary

Visual Acoustics celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world’s greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream. Filled with beautiful views of some of the most iconic structures that defined modernism in America, as well as a number of Julius’ “I can’t believe an old man just said that” moments. Visual Acoustics is an entertaining documentary rich in visuals and history. Shulman captured the work of nearly every modern and progressive architect since the 1930s including Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, John Lautner and Frank Gehry. We’ve got the trailer after the jump, and you can pick up a DVD copy from Amazon for $24.

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8Faces Magazine

If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

8 Faces is a new magazine for devotees of typography that asks this question — and many more — to eight leading designers from the fields of web design, print design, illustration, and of course type design itself. The first issue includes interviews with the likes of Erik Spiekermann, Jason Santa Maria, Jon Tan and more. Be sure to grab your copy quickly today as each issue is limited to 1,000 copies.


Lushpad — Modern Furniture Marketplace

We’re pretty sure you’re aware of eBay, Craigslist, and other such common resources for finding used or out of production items. But Lushpad has provided a very focused little marketplace for modern furniture. You can place an ad to sell an item, or even place a want ad if there’s a particular piece you’re looking for. As the items tend to be sold by people rather than stores, you can find a good deal on some Eames and Herman Miller pieces, not bad by us.

2009 Feltron Report

The 2009 Feltron Report

Nicholas Feltron’s annual reports get better every year. Documenting the minute details of his life throughout the year with gorgeous infographics, his reports are inspirational for style and curiously voyeur for the peek in to his habits and tendencies. Beautifully letterpressed on French paper, numbered and signed, you can buy the Feltron Report for only $20.

Liza from Underware

Liza from Underware

Liza, a lively script font from Amsterdam-based, Underware, is a mind-boggling family of fonts. Described as erotic but intelligent, one must explore the features and experience her for yourself to fully appreciate. While standard typefaces may have 500 characters, Liza has 4,000—getting that much closer to the variance in real handwriting. Priced quite fairly at 40 € for the standard weights, and 150 € for the full family and feature-set.

Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective

You could think of it like Twitter for your portfolio. Cargo is coming out of beta, and it couldn’t be a better time with the job market starting to slowly pick back up. An excellent portfolio orientated content management system, Cargo makes it easy to present your creative works in a professional manner without having to hire a web designer. That said, you can still customize Cargo’s CSS to create an entirely custom look to your site, so there’s no shortage of options to make your site your own. Better still, you can follow other designers such as Frank Chimero and Nicholas Felton and be updated when they post new work, or be followed by others yourself.

Vitesse From H&FJ

Vitesse from Hoefler & Frere-Jones

As always, we’re super impressed with the newest typeface from Hoefler and Frere-Jones: Vitesse ($199) is a modern slab serif with beautiful lines. We couldn’t put it any better than H&FJ themselves:

Engineered for responsive handling and a sporty ride, Vitesse is confident and stylish in any situation.