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Cloth Extension Cord Best Made co

Best Made Co. Cloth Extension Cord

An extension cord you won’t want to hide. Best Made Co’s cloth wrapped extension cords ($38-$48) are a great solution to scenarios where it’s just impossible to run a cord out of view. They’re available in a variety of patterns and colors and handmade in the USA.

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

Repurposing industrial objects for the home is nothing new, but these lamps are nothing short of amazing. Designed by PostlerFerguson as a creative endeavor, the Buoy Lamps (price $TBA) re-appropriate this nautical element and bring the awkward tipsiness and balance in sync with a functional lamp.

Pedrali Pasha Chair

Pedrali Pasha Chair

Combining colonial style with modern production techniques and design, the Pedrali Pasha Chair (price $TBA) is a ‘synthesis of tradition and innovation.’ Available in four colors: transparent, charcoal transparent, black, and white.

QLOCKTWO by Biegert and Funk

QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk

All clocks tell time, but not many of them do so in such an aesthetically pleasing way. With a price to match its beauty ($995) the QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk may be a bit out of reach for most, but definitely brings a new meaning to ‘watching the clock.’ Available in a variety of colors and languages.

Saba Italia Bookcase

Saba Italia Bookcase

Book shelves are typically boring rectangular affairs. Not so in these Alice-in-Wonderland-esque shelves from Saba Italia. New for 2010, the Prima Quarto shelves are about as dynamic as they come: looking blown in the wind or twisted in psychodelia—whatever floats your boat. they’re also available in a wall-hanging friendly size. Pricing $TBA.

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Johnnie Walker – Black Label

Johnnie Walker is the most distributed scotch whiskey in the world for the last 40 years—and the Black Label (aged 12 years) is a big part of that. A blend of 40 crafted whiskeys melded together in a single scotch that will not break your wallet, but will certainly wet your palette.


Obligatory Designer Clock

We’re in love with this take on an analog clock designed by Saikat Biswas: the Obligatory Designer Clock. Look ma’—no hands.

From the designer’s description:

For example at 3 o’clock the 3rd hour marking becomes dark and then a colored bar starts growing within the 3rd marking at every minute until the 59th minute. Then the 4 o’clock marking become fully dark and the same process continues. Even though it looks unique and has kind of ‘digital’ look and feel because of the growing bar, it uses exactly same mechanism as a normal clock.

We’ve got a time-lapse video that shows how the clock works after the jump. This looks like a concept clock, but we’ll be sure to update you if it heads for the production line.
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Almost more of a sculpture than a piece of furniture, the T.SHELF (an abbreviation for Triangle shelf) literally reshapes the way you may think about bookshelves. Designed by J1Studio, these beautiful shelf systems are completely modular, allowing you to create your own bookshelf landscape in any size or shape you may desire. The T.SHELF is easy to setup and pack flat for space saving transportation. The system uses doesn’t use any screws, and relies entirely on cables and zipties to tie its pieces together.

Scandyna Micropod Minipod Drop Speakers

Scandyna Retro Modern Speakers

Speakers tend to be ugly black boxes with cloth fronts, so we featured Joey Roth’s beautiful ceramic speakers before, but let’s get a little more crazy. Scandyna Speakers produces some of the most unique looking speakers available—while still providing high quality sound. Driven by the in-speaker acoustics, the organic shape of speakers is as striking as it is functional. Prices for their most popular speakers range from $100 to $700.

Typographic Pillows

Typographic Pillows

These typographic pillows, handmade by Etsy seller myadobecottage, are sure to make great additions to any graphic designer’s living room. Inspired by vintage French industrial design, these pillows can be yours for $30-35.