Monocle Magazine

A magazine on world affairs, business, culture, design, and editorials, Monocle is setting a new bar for publications. Beautiful inside and out, the magazine’s design itself can be an inspiration, let alone the content within. Pick up a subscription this holiday season for £38 (6 months), or £75 (12 months).

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8Faces Magazine

If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

8 Faces is a new magazine for devotees of typography that asks this question — and many more — to eight leading designers from the fields of web design, print design, illustration, and of course type design itself. The first issue includes interviews with the likes of Erik Spiekermann, Jason Santa Maria, Jon Tan and more. Be sure to grab your copy quickly today as each issue is limited to 1,000 copies.

Popville — City living popup book

Popville Pop-Up Book

Popville is a pop-up book in which each page corresponds to a moment of the city development. Some urban and landscape elements remain constant references for the growth of the city, while others simply disappear and make place to new ones. A fun book to flip through or leave out on the coffee table, you can pick up a copy for only $11.

Emigre Issue 70 — The No Look Back Issue

Emigre #70: Best of Emigre

Emigre’s 70th issue is a hefty one. Five-hundred twelve pages of goodness in fact. If you’ve been a subscriber for the past quarter-century you can probably skip this one, but, for the rest of us, this is a goldmine. With selections from the past 69 issues, you can be sure to find more than just a bit of inspiration. The book also comes with a commemorative poster, cd of music and videos, and a 32 page booklet of letters to the editor. You can pick up the whole enchilada for only $32 at Amazon, or $50 direct from Emigre.


Flaunt by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit

The husband-wife duo behind Under Consideration’s popular design blog Brand New have just released Flaunt, a new book about designers’ portfolios. We think they did a smash-up job describing the book, so without further ado:

Flaunt is a resource for design students as well as young, experienced, freelance, and independent designers. It explains how one can find a way to cohesively, succinctly and creatively showcase their work through an accessible, effective, and creative portfolio.

Sounds like the perfect addition to any aspiring designer’s bookshelf. Flaunt is available in print for $25 and PDF for $15 at the Under Consideration website.

2009 Feltron Report

The 2009 Feltron Report

Nicholas Feltron’s annual reports get better every year. Documenting the minute details of his life throughout the year with gorgeous infographics, his reports are inspirational for style and curiously voyeur for the peek in to his habits and tendencies. Beautifully letterpressed on French paper, numbered and signed, you can buy the Feltron Report for only $20.

Less and More

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

Featuring the design philosophy, designs, sketches, and models of Dieter Rams, Less and More covers one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Dieter Rams work at Braun has inspired the likes of Apple’s Jonathan Ives, and his principles of good design are at the heart of many creatives in the workplace still today. Be sure to catch Gestalten’s interview with Dieter Rams about the new book, and save a few bucks on the normal price of $78, by picking it up at Amazon for $49.

Making of the Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox

Designed by Pentagram, with input by the film’s director, Wes Anderson, The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox ($23, Amazon) is an enviable tome of a vast assortment of what made the film come to life. From Anderson’s sketches to emailed communications to content that never made it into the film. A brilliant look in to the creative process by one of the best active film directors.

San Francisco Panorama

San Francisco Panorama

McSweeney’s recently published their one-shot 21st century newspaper prototype, the San Francisco Panorama. Printed on a full-color broadsheet, the paper has 320 pages of original content, a 112-page magazine, a 96-page books section, and pull-out posters. There’s so much to say we can’t fit it all here, so you can read up on the press release for the full details. Panorama is priced at $16.

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Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Considered essential reading for those learning about graphic design, Grid Systems in Graphic Design, by Josef Müller-Brockmann, is beautiful in its contents and its own design. Available on sale at Amazon for $47.