LaCie iamakey

LaCie iamakey Thumb-Drive

Thumb drives are ubiquitous these days—if you work with a computer daily, odds are you have one, or two, or three. Odds are, you’ve probably lost a few over your career. LaCie is here to change that by putting our thumb-drives on something we can’t live without—our keychains. When you think about it, that’s really what a thumb-drive is after all, your digital key. The LaCie iamakey is available in sizes from 4GB to 32GB, which range in price from $21 to $103 at Amazon, we’re sure this is a thumb-drive that you’ll only lose between the couch cushions for an evening. We recommend the 8GB model at $28 as the best value.

LG Retro Classic TV

LG Retro Classic TV

What’s old is new again. LG is creating this stylish little 14″ CRT tv despite them being on the way out of public consciousness. A bit of a risk, but we think LG could be on to something here. The LG Retro Classic TV has modern inputs in the back to hook up today’s devices, and even features a switch to change the tv’s display between color, sepia, and black and white outputs. Unfortunately this little gem is only available in Korea at the moment, although we suspect if you’re enthralled enough you could get it shipped to the States or the UK somehow. We expect this to get released in more countries as time rolls on, priced at 249,000 KRW, which is about $216.


Apple iPad

Hot off the lips of Steve Jobs, Apple has just announced their new tablet computer—the iPad. Rumors have swirled for months prior to its release and now that it’s here, well, it looks a lot like we expected. With a modified iPhone OS, optimized for the larger screen, the iPad is capable of handling the typical tasks that are easier on a computer than a phone, but lack the need for a full computer’s bulk—the iPad is only a 1/2″ thin, weighs only 1.5 pounds and sports a 9.7″ screen. With up to 10 hours of battery life, and from 16gb to 64gb of storage, we’re drooling. iPad pricing ranges start at $499 to $699 with unlimited 3G for $30 a month and an extra $130 on the base models. Available in 60 days!

Twelvesouth BookBook

Twelvesouth BookBook

Twelvesouth makes their second appearance on Needs/Wants with their newly released BookBook ($80), a new take on a laptop sleeve. Playing off Apple’s MacBook moniker, they’ve created a brilliant pun by making the sleeve, well, a book itself. No two sleeves are identical, down to a myriad of different visual treatments. To boot, a thief won’t expect the book laid out on your table while you’re away to be your laptop. Stealthy.

Zumi Digital Camera

The Zumi Digital Camera

For those of us that just want to take a damn picture, and not fiddle with knobs, buttons, and their ilk, Photojojo brings us the Zumi Digital Camera. With a taste of vintage processing to each photo, the Zumi makes photo documenting your life pretty simple. Not all of us can be photographers—after all, they use real cameras. Moderately priced at $170.

Dr. Dre Monster Beats Headphones

Dr. Dre Monster Beats Headphones

While we would never advise you to buy Monster’s cables (Google around, they aren’t worth the money), we do think this collaboration between Dr. Dre and Monster may have yielded something well worth your hard earned cash: Monster Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre. Beautiful aesthetics with noise cancellation and excellent audio quality make these studio-worthy headphones. Plus, they’re built for the road with iPhone compatibility and a travel case. Available in black or white and priced at $300.


Bassjump Subwoofer

Apple’s laptop speakers have had incremental improvements over the years, but one thing you just can’t do with speakers of their size is pump out some bass. Twelve South’s Bassjump is out to solve this dilemma. Styled to match your Mac and powered solely by a lone USB cord, this subwoofer may even let you skip the external speakers. Minimalists rejoice for $80.

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers

Poolga has a great selection of iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers created by a selection of designers and illustrators from around the world. Some of it’s latest contributions include the great work of Frank Chimero and Panic. Best of all, they’re free.

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Haras Media Center PC

Design Haras Home Theater PC

Just announced at CES is this Media Center PC from Design Haras (site seems to be down at the moment). The paneling on the computer itself will come in handcrafted Italian Cypress or Canadian Rosewood, and also features HDMI and DVI outputs and has an Intel Core2Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. A potentially nice PC alternative to the Mac Mini media center set up. Price $TBA.

Ceramic Speakers

Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth

Designer Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers may be pricey, but for looks alone they look like they’re worth every penny. And, to top it off, they even sound pretty fantastic, too. Made out of all natural materials consisting of porcelain, cork, and birch, the Ceramic Speakers are available now for $495.